my Approach

Every performance psychologist can be different, offering a range of different techniques and approaches to help people reach their goals. Therefore, its important that you know what to expect when working with me. Here are 3 key points which underpin my approach when working with performers.

  1. Collaboration: Psychologists may be experts on the the mind, behaviour, and performance, but you're also the expert on you. So we'll work together to develop strategies and solutions based on your preferences and strengths. 

  2. No one is broken:  No performer is ever broken, we just get stuck from time to time. Our first job will be working together to identify the first step needed to get you moving in the direction that's right for you. 

  3. A focus on solutions: Most sessions with me won't start by asking what the 'problem' is. Instead the foundation of what we do will be based on your 'best hopes' for our work together and what you want to achieve. This means that you don't even need a 'problem' for us to work together, just a desire to get better at what you do. I can provide a safe and secure environment for you to talk about any difficulties you might have, but you don't need one to experience the benefits of performance psychology.