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Every performance psychologist can be different, offering a range of mental skills, psychological therapies, and other techniques that can help their clients reach their goals. Therefore, its important that you know what to expect when working with me. Here are 3 key points which underpin my approach to practice.

  1. Collaboration: Psychologists may be experts on the the mind, behaviour, and performance, but you're the expert on you. So rather than simply tell you what to do, we'll work together to develop strategies and solutions based on your preferences and strengths. 

  2. No one is broken and you don't need a problem:  No performer is ever broken, we just get stuck from time to time. Our first job will be working together to identify the first step needed to get you moving in the direction that's right for you. However, you also don't need a 'problem' for us to work together. Many performers work with psychologists not because they have a specific problem, but because they want to invest in their development and maximise their performance. 

  3. An emphasis on thoughts, emotions, and values: When working together, we may talk about the interaction between your thoughts, emotions, and your performance. This is known as the cognitive-behavioural approach in psychology. Understanding your relationship with thoughts and emotions are key to performing under pressure. We may also spend some time exploring your values. In other words, what's most important to you. How in touch you are with your values can be key to sustaining motivation when pursuing your goals.  

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