Frequently asked questions

Where do one-to-one sessions take place?

One-to-one sessions can take place in-person or virtually via video conferencing (e.g. google meet, zoom). Many clients prefer meeting virtually for numerous reasons: 1) It's more confidential not having to leave your own home; 2) It's cheaper as there are no travel costs for you or your psychologist; 3) It's easier and more convenient to fit a virtual session into a busy schedule. However, if you would prefer meeting person, we can meet at my home office or another suitable location. 

How long are one-to-one sessions?

One-to-one sessions last 50-60 minutes. 

How do I book a session?

Please call, email, or get in contact below to book a session. I will send you a link to a client agreement to read and complete before our session. 

What happens in a one-to-one session?

The session will typically start with me asking what you would like to achieve from the session and our work together. We'll then work collaboratively, with me asking you some questions that you may find useful about your strengths, your resources, and what works for you. Rather than simply tell you what to do, we'll work together to explore what a useful first step might be for you. This approach respects you as the expert on you, your sport, and your performance. The session may end with you being given a suggestion to complete a task, but these are never compulsory. 

How many sessions can I book?

Single sessions can be booked one-at-a-time and are priced at £60. Five sessions can be booked up-front in advance for £250 (saving £50). 

Do you work with children?

I am happy to work with children of most ages. For children under the age of 11, I will likely ask for a parent or guardian to join the session in order to ask for their perspective and their input. 

Do you offer work experience or shadowing?

Unfortunately, due to my work with clients being confidential and protected by a code of ethics, I can not offer any meaningful work experience. However, if you would like any career advice about sport psychology, please get in contact and I'll answer any questions that you have.