golf psychology 


Almost everyone recognises how important the mind is to playing your best golf. So why not take the opportunity to invest in the psychological side of your game with a fully accredited sport psychologist? Golf psychology sessions can help you:

1. Shoot your best scores more consistently.

2. Thrive during those pressure moments on the course.

3. Manage your mind efficiently and effectively on your rounds.

4. Set long term goals for improving your game that will really motivate you. 

Golf Shot

The 'Front foot' approach to golf psychology will help you to avoid the thinking traps that get us stuck inside problems, switching your mindset to one that sees solutions, and taking your golf to the next level. 

Sessions can take place virtually over zoom, or in person in an outdoor location you feel comfortable in.  

Initial consultations are available at £60 for up to an hour.

For more information or to book a session, please get in contact below.