free telephone consultation

Unsure whether to book a session? You can arrange a FREE telephone consultation up 30 minutes where we can discuss your needs and goals. You can also ask any questions you have about the services I offer and the different approaches I take.


A single session can be useful for performers who are looking to explore what a psychologist can offer them, are motivated to improve their performance now, and are looking for guidance on the best first step that's right for them. Using a single session approach, we will work in a quick and focused fashion to get the most out of a 1 hour session. However, the offer of more sessions and follow ups is always available. 

Long term support

A long-term support package can be tailored to performers of all ages and abilities looking to invest in their development and maximise their potential. The length and frequency can be adapted to suits your needs, but will begin with a comprehensive assessment of your psychological skills. Your strengths and areas for improvement will be incorporated into a bespoke development plan 

spotlight profiling

Spotlight is a personality profiling tool, developed with performance in mind. Used by practitioners working with Team GB, Manchester City FC, and England cricket, Spotlight gives you more than most personality profiling tools. It provides a complete framework for performing under pressure based on your strengths. As a Spotlight accredited practitioner, I can deliver profiling sessions for individuals or workshops for teams and organisations. Profiles can be purchased at an additional cost to existing support packages


 I have delivered many workshops focusing on how coaches can incorporate the development of psychological skills and characteristics into their practice. Workshops are available to coaches from all sports at any level. These interactive sessions can involve how to design effective pressure training, or how to develop psychological skills within coaching sessions. 

Working remotely

I work with many performers online via video conferencing. Sessions are virtually the same as in person, however clients can sit in the comfort of their own home. This cuts time and travel costs for all. I work with many performers via this method who are travelling overseas at competitions and training camps.


All prices are available on enquiry. If you have any questions about the services I offer, please get in touch below.  

get in contact

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a consultation, you can get in contact below or email

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