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Frequently asked questions

Where do one-to-one sessions take place?

For the remainder of 2022, one-to-one sessions will take place virtually via video conferencing (e.g. google meet, zoom). Many clients prefer meeting virtually for numerous reasons: 1) It's more confidential not having to leave your own home; 2) It's cheaper as there are no travel costs for you or your psychologist; 3) It's easier and more convenient to fit a virtual session into a busy schedule. 

How long are one-to-one sessions?

One-to-one sessions last 50-60 minutes.

How do I book a session? 

You can email or message below to arrange an initial phone call with Darren. This phone call is free of charge and will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may still have and for Darren explain more about what to expect before you book. However, if you would like to book right away you can also do so below. Please make sure to read our privacy policy and client agreement before your session. 

How many sessions should I book?

We are client-centred in our approach. Therefore, we give our clients the autonomy to decide how many sessions they think is right for them. Some clients takeaway useful benefits from just one initial consultation. Others looking to make more progress take the opportunity to book five or ten sessions up front, receiving a discount on fees (see prices).

Do you work with children?

Darren is happy to work with children of most ages. However, if you feel your child isn't quite ready yet to work with a sport psychologist, but would still benefit from some support, many parents have benefited from sessions with Darren themselves. These sessions still focus on your child, but  what the solution looks like from your perspective and your role in bringing it to life. This is the same approach Darren takes with coaches who come to see him about players that they work with and how they can help them achieve their goals. 

Do you offer work experience or shadowing?

Unfortunately, due to Darren's work with clients being confidential and protected by a code of ethics, he can not offer any meaningful work experience. However, if you would like any career advice about sport psychology, please get in contact and he will answer any questions that you have about careers in psychology and give appropriate advice. 

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