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About Me 

Looking for a top sport psychologist in the UK? Hi, I'm Dr. Darren Britton, a renowned sport psychologist with over 10 years of experience. Based in the United Kingdom, I specialize in helping both junior and adult athletes excel in various sports, including county cricket, premiership rugby, and academy football. As the current academy psychologist for Harlequins Rugby Club, I also offer virtual private practice sessions to cater to athletes nationwide.

Through evidence-based practices in sport psychology and performance enhancement, I assist athletes in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges such as drops in confidence, loss of focus, self-doubt, and fear of failure. My tailored approach empowers athletes of all ages to perform at their best when it matters most. Whether you're an aspiring young athlete or an experienced adult seeking to enhance your performance, sport psychology offers the support you need.

Contact me today to learn how working with a sport psychologist can benefit you or your child.


Jim Evans, Harlequins Academy Head Coach

Having worked with Darren for the past 2 years I can see the huge value he offers to young aspiring athletes. Darren is very engaging and creative around how he gets his messages across. He brings the best out of the players his his positive and thought provoking mindset. 

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